PMO Setup & Advisory

PMO Setup & Advisory

Written By : Bakkah

30 Jan 2020

The change of business as usual (BAU), derived from strategy, regulatory change or ad hoc drivers, requires Portfolio, Program, Project Management (P3M) to allow for successful changes to be implemented and become the new model of BAU. We at Bakkah recognize that P3M is at the heart of every business and is important if an organization wishes to become successful, stay competitive and consistently improve. Organizations need to transition from traditional operational management to more of a project management approach. To maintain and achieve the highest levels of performance and ensure the execution of successful projects and programs, we at Bakkah have the expertise and professional P3M consultants to help you achieve what is needed in a considerable and timely manner. Using a variety of professional practices, we at Bakkah customize services as per our client needs in PMO setup, relying heavily on two reputable schools, namely [PMI & Axelos]. Our professional consultants, using the best tools, focus on integrating PMO functions with the organizational chart to provide the best expected outcome, e.g. Center of Excellence (CoE). The key benefits of PMO and P3M are:

  • Implementing the best practices of PPM.
  • Providing support for other project management initiatives regarding the improvement of business performance.
  • Recovering projects at risk and to train your team to sustain the PMO.
  • Improving the delivery quality of portfolio, program and project management.
  • Providing a platform for good decision making.

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