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In the midst of the crowding Internet with multiple sources of knowledge, Bakkah emerges, with its interactive, objective-based learning services, as a leading institute to provide its unique clients with the opportunity to unleash their potentials and develop their competencies and knowledge.

Purpose of Organization Services

When your complete workforce includes all the talent you need to succeed, anything else is possible. Bakkah Business is primarily directed to eliminate the talent gap your employees may have, paving the way for them to reach the optimal performance, and for the organization to achieve its ultimate goal. Through tailored learning solutions, we will help you unlock innovation that fuels growth to get both short-term training wins and long-term strategic requirements.

Top Demanded Programs in one Place

A whole professional package!

Our development team has been working around the clock to browse the market and conclude the most
wanted professional courses.

Customized Training

Soft skills

Design Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Communication and Presentation, Critical Thinking, conflict management, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, stress management, teamwork, time management and others.

Others Courses

According to your need, for example Change Management, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Strategic Management and more.

Delivery Methods


Tailored programs to meet employees’ specific needs and focus on your business goals through teamwork and effective interaction with the instructor.

Live Online

Cost-effective learning method that helps learners fit their training around their lifestyle and the manger to track their employees’ performance through progress report.

Self Study

Flexible system that allows learners to dive in learning materials, exercises, and practice questions according to their pace and for an affordable price.

How We Develop Our Courses?

How We Develop Our Courses?



Analyze the current situation in terms of learning needs and knowledge gaps.


Design the blueprint of the product such as strategy, duration, assessment, and evaluation.


Develop and test the product based on the learning objective.


A pilot study is conducted before releasing the content to the end-user.


Gather information to ensure that the product needs are revised and improved.

Why to Choose Bakkah

Our learning programs are delivered through a tested and professionally designed methodology.

Standard Terminology

Aligned with industry-wide standard terms, process & best practicess

Active Learning

Motivating learners to proactively share their experiences and opinions

Pre & Post Assessments

Assessments before and after the course for personal evaluation

Realtime Business Cases

Collectively work on finding solutions to common projects obstacles

Practice Questionsd

+100 practice questions prepared by experts



The primary need for corporate training lies in improving employees’ skills for their current job roles and future roles as well. Through customized training, we will help your employees stay up to date with changes in industry rules and standards, raising productivity and employee retention.


Yes. We will meet your HR or Learning & Development Managers to discuss your organization’s training needs.

We will also discuss your budget and work with you to devise a plan that will meet your business needs while respecting your budget.


We’d be glad to help with this.

Our programs are open to a minimum number of employees of 10. We offer courses on public calendars and short courses that allow small businesses to team up with other organizations. If the training needs are more specific, we will work with your business to develop a customized training plan.


We’d be glad to assist you, indeed. As we are committed to serving our clients according to their working schedules.


Professional Training in Project Management, Human Resources, Business Analysis, IT Governance, Supply Chain, Quality Management, Business Transformation, and Change Management.

Soft Skills such as Design Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Communication and Presentation, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, or any other soft skills needed.

Other areas of specialization according to your need include Change Management, Strategic Planning, and others.