Creating Business Plan Free Course - With Video

Start Time Dec 20, 2022 | 7:00 PM
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What is a Business plan? - Business Plan Free Course

A business plan is a document that is intended for both the external and internal audiences of a company. The purpose of a business plan, for example, is to attract investors before a company has achieved a substantial level of success. In addition, it can assist in obtaining financing from financial institutions. That’s why learning how to create a business plan is a must!

Although business plans are particularly useful for new companies, they should be developed by every organization. To ensure the plan remains effective, it should be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect any goals that have been achieved or have changed. It is not uncommon for an established business to create a new business plan when it decides to change directions.

Although tons of effort might be exerted, a business plan can still fail to operate!

Why Do Business Plans Fail?

Even with a well-conceived business plan, your company may fail, especially if you fail to follow through with the plan. It is always a good strategy to have strong leadership focused on achieving the plan. Even after following a plan, if your projections are based on poor assumptions, you may be surprised by cash flow shortages and budgets that are out of control. The economy and the markets can also change. A business plan that does not incorporate flexibility may not allow you to pivot to a new course when necessary.

Join us in our free workshop “How to Create a Business Plan” to talk about the following topics:

  • Importance of Business Plan
  • Factors of a Successful Business Plan
  • Elements of Business Plan
  • Steps of Building a Business Plan 
  • Tips to Write a Business Plan
  • Business Plan Template


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