Supply Chain, Production and Logistics Courses

The highest-quality and most demanded courses in supply chain are accredited by the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the leading organization in this industry. Our courses fit all levels and they are the most popular in this field like CPIM, CSCD, and CLTD. The trainees have the option to choose their preferred training method, whether online, or on-site classrooms in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, or even self-study. Joining supply chain courses gives trainees the opportunity to elevate their careers, manage global supply chain activities professionally, implement the best practices, develop distribution inventory management, and get a global certificate. Obtaining one of the supply chain certifications enables you to coordinate and cooperate between all parties involved in the supply chain, work on managing warehouses effectively, and work on creating and managing an effective system for the transportation of goods without delay and other skills.

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

The CSCP or Certified Supply Chain Professional course is an advanced-level credential endorsed by APICS. It’s designed to provide you with in-depth global supply chain management knowledge, as you’ll learn must-know principles, practices, and tools. The APICS CSCP certification is your guide to master planning and executing supply chain management that ensures product delivery to retailers and then to the consumers in the markets, with the highest quality, according to the required criteria. The CSCP Saudi Arabia course empowers you to master risk management, demand management, sourcing products and services, and executing cutting-edge technologies with the must-have skills.

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Certified in Logistics, Transportation & Distribution (CLTD)

Certified in logistics, transportation, and distribution (CLTD) is an advanced-level certification endorsed by The APICS. It delves beyond basic supply chain knowledge, as it entitles you to advance logistics, transportation, and distribution management, by learning much-needed practices and the latest strategies and tools. With the CLTD certification course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to outsmart operations complexities, set strategies aligned with the enterprise’s goals, and get a competitive edge. The APICS CLTD training is a certificate exam preparation and comprehensive program that equips you with advanced skills to become proficient in logistics, transportation, and distribution management and boosts your professional development. This training helps you pass the global exam on the first try.

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