Competency Framework

Competency Framework

Written By : Bakkah

2 Feb 2020

A competence or competency is a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities or attitudes that are required to perform a specific job. A competency framework is a model that describes the required competencies within an organization. These competencies can be grouped into technical, behavioral or leadership. Each competency group contains multiple competencies that are required for an organization to succeed. These competencies serve as a baseline for assessment of individual, team organizations. Developing a competency framework requires an organization to fully understand its strategy and objectives. This requires performing assessments, interviews and reviewing the job descriptions and work duties. We at Bakkah can help you identify the required competencies for your organization using systematic approach as per the following steps:

  • Identify the required competencies.
  • Categorized and define competencies.
  • Develop the competency progression ladder.
  • Linking the competency model to talent acquisition.
  • Integrating the competency model to performance management.
  • Linking the competency model with training and development programs

The key benefits of competency framework are:

  • Ensure that employees have the required competencies.
  • Recruit the right employee for the position.
  • Develop the career path and development plan effectively.
  • Provide targeted training programs that satisfies required competencies.
  • Provide and integrated model for recruiting and managing employees.

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