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Exam is Available

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Course

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is an introduction to Lean Six Sigma. The management approach of Lean Six Sigma focuses on providing value to customers, improving efficiency, eliminating waste, and reducing cycle time.

LSSYB is a blend of both concepts; lean and six sigma. The lean six sigma yellow belt training course also helps you increase work efficiency while achieving customer and employee satisfaction.

Yellow belt training focuses on running small process improvement projects using the DMAIC approach; Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

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What to Expect From This Course

Who Needs this Course

Skills & Competencies

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What You will Achieve After This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course?

Professionals with LSS Yellow Belt training are in high demand due to the positive impact on the organizations they join. Six Sigma Yellow belt training and certification have impactful results on financial costs, and employee and customer satisfaction. LSSYB strategic methodologies help in the process improvement. Lean also adds value in utilizing tools and techniques for waste removals such as Kanban and Poke Yoke 

By the end of this course, you will obtain the following objectives:  

  • Understanding the basics and fundamentals of Six Sigma  
  • Comprehending the concept of Lean 6 Sigma, DMAIC, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control  
  • Solving problems using the DMAIC approach  
  • Applying effective problem-solving tools  
  • Understanding the importance of data and how to collect them effectively  
  • Defining the essential deliverables of the Lean 6 Sigma Project   
  • Solving problems using Lean Six Sigma principles  
  • Assisting Green and Black Belts when they are running a Lean Six Sigma project  
  • Introducing planning methods like Cause-and-Effect diagram, SIPOC, and more  


Who Needs The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is an introductory course that gives you the skills to participate in small improvements. It is an essential introduction across a broad range of positions and industries. 

Hence, this course is suitable for:  

  • Professionals seeking elementary knowledge about quality management  
  • Transformation Project Leaders  
  • Customer-centric professionals   
  • Self-employed professionals  
  • Consultants 
  • Improvement Managers  
  • Team Managers  
  • Project Managers  
  • Change Managers  
  • Finance Managers  
  • IT Managers  
  • HR Managers  
  • Staff involved in business process performance improvement projects  


Skills Acquired from The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification:

  • Problem-Solving  
  • Measurement System Analysis  
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Improved job satisfaction   
  • Increased job efficiency  
  • High salary and promotions

Self-Study of the LSSYB Course

The self-study learning material of the LSSYB course includes:

  • Pre-reading files.
  • Pre and post-assessments.
  • Module exercise - 30 questions.
  • Exam simulation - 60 questions.
  • Short Scenarios and case study linking content to real-time cases.
  • Modules with interactive learning content.
  • Glossary, cheat sheet, Mind map and additional references.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam Prerequisite  

There are no prerequisites required to sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam. Yet, we recommend you get ready for the exam through the practice exercises we provide you with. Once you finish the course, you shall register on the PeopleCert website, then you can start your exam installation via the ExamShield platform.  

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam Format  

  • Number of questions: 60  
  • Duration: 2 hours  
  • Pass mark: 70%  
  • Questions Options: MCQ & T/F (6 per topic)  
  • Question Scoring: Each question receives 1-mark, a single correct answer  
  • Closed book 

Course Outline

  • The Basics of Six Sigma
  • The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Project Charter​
  • The Lean Enterprise
  • Process Definition
  • Six Sigma Statistics
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Lean Controls
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Control Charts​
  • Six Sigma Control Plans


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