To pass the aPHRi exam you need to practice a lot of aPHRi exam sample questions and mock tests. This Question Bank gives you an understanding of the core concepts and gives you an idea of the test environment. This typical aPHRi Question Bank contains 4 sets of 125 aPHRi exam sample questions with exam duration of 2 hours & 15 minutes for each exam. Try the first set of questions. If you score above 70% and complete the test within 2 hours & 15 minutes, you are ready for the exam and you can start the second set. However, if you don’t score above 70% or you are not able to complete the test on time, you need to work harder to raise your mark. You can repeat the procedure for the next set of exam simulators until you think you are ready.

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aPHRi Question Bank helps to:

  • Identify Gaps and weaknesses.
  • Glimpse of Exam - the question bank will help you find your weak spots and help you fill them.
  • Boost Confidence - With all knowledge gap filled, you will be more confident & you’ll be familiar of the question you will see in the real exam.
  • Clarify Concepts - Solving these questions will help you understand the concepts easily.
  • Test Your Readiness - Attempting these questions will let you know if you are ready for the exam.

  • All those who want to practice aPHRi Exam sample questions before the official exam.

  • Exam Simulators – 4 Sets
  • Total 500 Questions – 125 Questions per Exam Simulator
  • Time allotted for each Exam Simulation – 2 Hours & 15 Minutes
  • Each question in this self-assessment test has one best answer
  • Includes Exam Outline
  • Resources and Tips to prepare for the exam

Official Exam Prerequisite:

There are no prerequisites required for aPHRi Exam.

Official Exam Format:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of questions: 125 Qs (100 scored questions (mostly multiple-choice) + 25 pretest questions)
  • Duration: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Pass mark: HRCI transforms all exams to the scaled score. The scaled score will fall between a range of 100 and 700, and the passing score is set to 500.
  • Closed Book.


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