IIBA®-CBDA Certification Training Course - Certification in Business Data Analytics

IIBA®-CBDA Certification is a Business data analytics discipline by which a specific set of techniques, competencies, and practices are applied to perform the continuous exploration and investigation of business data.

The goal of the Certification in Business Data Analytics is to obtain insights about a business that can lead to improved evidence-based decision-making. Earning this certification informs employers of your passion for and competencies in performing business analysis on analytics initiatives.

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What is the Goal of This IIBA®-CBDA Certification Training Course?

This certification recognizes your ability to effectively execute analysis-related work in support of business analytics initiatives. The certification helps identify skilled business data analytics professionals to organizations seeking these in-demand skills.

This certification program has been carefully designed to be aligned with the International Standards Organization (ISO), ISO/IEC 17024 conformity assessment outlining the standards for certifying the competence of personnel.


Who Needs This CBDA Certification Training Course?

The IIBA®-CBDA exam is a competency-based exam for business analysis professionals executing analysis-related work in support of business analytics initiatives.

It is for business analysis professionals with two to three years of experience executing analysis-related work in business analytics.

IIBA®-CBDA Online Training

  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Exam Simulation
  • Practice Test
  • Group Activity (Break-out Session) after each lesson
  • Access to additional References – Glossary/ Recommended Reading/ Syllabus
  • The material language will be English

CBDA Certification Exam Prerequisite

Although there are no prerequisites for the specialized certifications, we highly recommend business analysis experience and some experience working in the specialized area. Refer to the certification pages on the IIBA website for details.

CBDA Certification Exam Format 

  • 75 questions
  • Multiple-choice, scenario-based
  • 120 minutes

Course Outline

  • What is Business Data Analytics?
  • The Business Data Analytics Cycle
  • Business Data Analytics Objective
  • Business Analysis and Business Data Analytics
  • Identify the Research Questions and Its Tasks
  • Source Data and its Tasks
  • Analyze Data and its Tasks
  • Interpret and Report Results and its Tasks
  • Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making and its Tasks
  • Guide Organizational-Level Strategy for Business Data Analytics and its Tasks
  • Business Data Analytics Techniques
  • Purpose and Description
  • Elements
  • Usage Considerations

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