Prosci Methodology - Change Management Methodology

Prosci Methodology - Change Management Methodology

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12 Jun 2024

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What is Change management?

Change management aims to maintain the organization’s vitality and effectiveness and encourages the development of the business. Change management Develops the ability to innovate and keep up with internal and external changes while enhancing the organization’s situation and strength.

Change management applies a set of tools, processes, skills, and HR management principles, in order to achieve the required output of changing a project or an initiative, it’s also defined as A repairing process that aims to fix faults, mistakes, and deficiencies within the organization according to a master plan.

Change management deals with different dimensions like processes and procedures, organizational structure, financial system, and human resources.

Change management methodologies:

Change management is one the most important fields of modern management, where it has become an active research field, experts in change management created many theories and methodologies to apply the organizational change process, some of them are:

  • People-Centered Implementation (PCI) Model.
  • Prosci Change Management.
  • Viral Change Roadmap.
  • LaMarsh Change Management Model.
  • Bridges Leading Transition Model for Change.

Each methodology has its own characteristics, in (Bakkah Inc) for training and consulting we offer change management services through consultations and trainings, we adopt Prosci’s methodology as it’s the best used methodology in the field.

ProsciWhat is Prosci Methodology?

Prosci Methodology is the world’s leading Change Management research and publishing company. Founded in 1994, it is headquartered in the USA.

The name Prosci represents the fusion of “profession” and “science” in the field of Change Management.

Over 3,500 organizations worldwide have adopted the Prosci methodology, and it is endorsed by 3 leading institutions in change management, which are:

  • The Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM).
  • The Change Management Institute (CMI).

The connection between effective Change Management and the Return on Investment (ROI)

One of Prosci’s most significant contributions was demonstrating the connection between effective Change Management and the Return on Investment (ROI) of change projects.

In the next article, we will discuss more details about the components of Prosci's change management methodology. We will also talk about one of the known models of Prosci methodology which is the ADKAR model of individual change.

In Bakkah Inc. for training and consulting, a special workshop in Prosci’s methodology of change management was designed to help project team members of the project to analyze, plan, design, and develop change management strategies successfully and effectively, the workshop provides practical experience to the participants, where they have the chance to learn the needed concepts, theories, methodologies, and tools to apply the change successfully.

If you want to learn more about change management and its methodologies, attend the CCMP™ - Certified Change Management Professional course.

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