PRINCE2 Methodology - 2024 Full Guide About Advantages and Disadvantages

PRINCE2 Methodology - 2024 Full Guide About Advantages and Disadvantages

Written By : Bakkah

11 Jun 2024

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What are the Famous Management Methodologies?

There are three main project management methodologies to manage projects such as (PMI - Project Management Institute), (SCRUM), and PRINCE2. All of them have their own attributes and prosperities, we can say that all three of them complete each other in project management.

Projects are considered the spine of an organization’s revenue stream, so it has to be managed in the best possible way, for two reasons; to satisfy the client and to gain profit for the organization itself.

There are many Project management Courses and certifications that cover these three project management methodologies:

What is PRINCE2 Methodology?

PRINCE2 stands for "Projects IN Controlled Environments". PRINCE2 methodology refers to a project management methodology based on the so-called smaller processes or stages. PRINCE2 methodology qualifies project managers with the required skills they need.

The PRINCE2 methodology for working in a controlled environment is a project management methodology used predominantly in the United Kingdom, Australia, and European countries. It focuses on managing resources and risks by dividing projects into smaller phases, defining clear roles and responsibilities, and using seven processes to manage the project life cycle.

What Is the History of PRINCE2 Methodology?

PRINCE2 Methodology goes back to 1989, when the UK government developed it through the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), after deriving it from an earlier method called PROMPT, then (PRINCE2)® became a standard for project management in the UK government to run IT projects.

It’s also widely used across the United Nations system, especially in IT projects.

PRINCE2® project management processes?

PRINCE2® follows a special way to execute the project, where all the project steps are defined from the beginning; it depends on dividing the project to processes, such as

  • The first process is starting up a project (SU), “in this process, the project team is appointed and a project brief is produced”.

  • The second process is initiating a project (IP)... and so on.

PRINCE2® methodology is used to manage different types of projects, while it was originally used by IT projects.

There are two main Risk management Courses And Certifications:

Teamwork in PRINCE2® methodology

Meetings between the project manager and the team are not a priority, they could be in a weekly basis when needed, instead only in cases of problems or if something deviated from the plan, an emergency meeting would be held; also team members aren’t aware of each other’s tasks.

There are some Project Management Tools courses:

Advantages of PRINCE2® methodology

There are several advantages of the PRINCE2 methodology, such as:

  • The project is divided into processes with predefined inputs and outputs which make it easier to add or adjust and control the whole project.

  • Each project has documentation to register successes and failures, and then it would be a reference for the new project managers when facing future problems.

  • Each member of the project has a specific role and task.

Disadvantages of PRINCE2® methodology

  • It’s inappropriate for small projects or where requirements are expected to change, due to the work required in creating and maintaining documents, logs, and lists

  • PRINCE2® does not offer the level of flexibility offered by some of the modern project management methodologies.

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How to learn PRINCE2® methodology in project management?

You can register for one of the (PRINCE2®) courses organized by special training companies like (Bakkah Inc.), where there are three different levels (Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional)

Participating in these courses prepares you to apply for the international test and obtain an approved international certificate in PRINCE2® from APM Group.

PRINCE2 Management Courses And Certificate:

There are 2 main PRINCE2 Courses that could prepare you for a better profession in the future as a project manager, such as:

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