Infographic: Certification path for projects managers

Infographic: Certification path for projects managers

Written By : Bakkah

2015-11-04 01:00:00

Anyone works in the field of project management is always seeking to improve himself technically, as it’s considered the best path for promotions and reaching a higher level, however, many of these young people get confused in the process of choosing what course to join, and which institutions give this type of certificates.

Bakkah institution for training and consulting has developed an Infographic to shortcut the process and illustrate for those who are concerned in project management the available international certified courses in this field, also clarifies different qualified managerial levels for these courses .

This infographic is based on four basic interlocutors the manager or the worker should develop himself in. For example:

This infographic also suggests two of the strongest and most famous international facilities that grant this certification; those are the American PMI and the British AXELOS.

Infographic: Certification path for projects managers

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