Projects management offices types based on P3O®

Projects management offices types based on P3O®

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2015-11-02 01:00:00

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There is more than one methodology to manage projects like PMP® which is forked from PMI and PRINCE2® methodology. At the same thing, PMOs has more than a classification. In previous articles, we've spoke about PMOs sorted by the American based PMI, and in this article, we're talking about another PMOs classification that based on P3O® that it has the British origin.

What is P3O®?

P3 is shortcut for the 3Ps '' Portfolio, Program and Project'', so P3O® means projects offices portfolios, and programs offices P3O® is a mutual effort result between PRINCE2®, MSP®, and M_o_R, and it was launched 2008, containing a lot of principles, processes and techniques that effectively facilitate the process of P3O® inside the facility.

Projects management offices based on P3O®

1- Organization portfolio office model

This prototype interested in providing strategic support (long time support), planning and training for the facility's projects and programs due to setting up jury projects management offices if necessary.

p3o model

2- Hub and spokes model

It's a prototype for communicating, not just for regulation; it was used for communications and aviation in the fifties of the last century, and it also known as the Star prototype where to be when the Hub is at the center.


This sample is used at the world wiled facilities, and the Hub is the main projects management office and the Spokes is a branched one that is geographically dispersed. This model features centralization.

3- Temporary office model

In this model, there are no stable projects management offices, its only setup if necessary and finish when the project is finish.

4- Virtual office model

There is no physical projects management office in this model; it's just P3O® names duties and activates to make the facility's other departments to do the projects management office thing.

5- Small organization model

It's too small office and sometimes it is about one person to follow up and do limited activities like training and the project's plan.

  How I can set the suitable P3O® for my facility?

There are too many factors the affect choosing the suitable prototype for your facility like how big it is, the organizational structure, sourcing distribution policy, and other things that help you to design and choose your perfect PMO for your facility and then your will be able to determine:

- The suitable prototype from P3O®.

- How separated office you should have.

- What are the duties and services the office should provide.

- Where is it should be located in the organization.

  How I can train on the P3O® methodology?

You can join P3O® Foundation and Practitioner course over one of the certified centers like Bakkah for training and consulting, the course is about two levels: beginner and advanced, it is about 45 hours of training, the participant will be able to recognize the basics and samples of P3O® to manage PMOs and then apply it perfectly on the ground, not to mention that he will have an international certificate that would lead him to a higher position and a higher salary.

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