P3M3 Assessment

P3M3 Assessment

Written By : Bakkah

25 Jun 2024

The Portfolio, Program and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3), is a model created by Axelos which provides a framework that organizations can use to benchmark their current practice against best practices and competitors and plan for improvement when managing and delivering change. There are three sub-models for the P3M3 maturity model which are Portfolio Management (PfM3), Program Management (PgM3) and Project Management (PjM3). The model consists of seven perspectives which are organizational governance, management control, benefits management, risk management, stakeholder management, finance management, and resource management. The five maturity levels in P3M3 are awareness of process, repeatable process, defined process, managed process, and optimized process.

We at Bakkah will provide you with the expertise needed to maximize your investments, maximize efficiency and solve any project/program issues by determining the specifics within this model. Also, we assist the client in indicating how key capability areas can be structured hierarchically for the organization to set realistic goals for improvement. The key benefits of P3M3 assessment are:

  • Discovering capability and determining which areas to concentrate on for improvement.
  • Diagnosing weakness patterns and eliminating root causes.
  • Benchmarking the organization’s capability against others and helping organizations to decide what maturity level they need to achieve to meet their business needs.
  • Certifying the organization’s capability through independent assessment.
  • Focusing on the organization’s maturity, not specific initiatives (you can run good programs and projects without having high levels of maturity – but not consistently)
  • Focusing on investment in aspects of P3M that will yield the best improvements for the specific organizational context.
  • Providing plans for continual progression.
  • Providing an objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reducing costs and maximising beneficial results.

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