PMP® Exam in  2024 With PMP Free Exam Questions Model to Download

PMP® Exam in 2024 With PMP Free Exam Questions Model to Download

Written By : Bakkah

15 Jan 2024

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The PMP® exam is different from other credited international exams, for it includes some techniques in putting the questions, which also requires putting techniques for answering the questions for the applicant so that they achieve success from the first try.

In this article, we offer a package of tips and tactics which will enable you to achieve success from the first time from the reality of our experience at Bakkah Inc. for Consultation and Training. This does not mean we guarantee you success from the first time for it is not a condition that these tips are suitable for you but they may be suitable for others.

PMP® exam preparation strategy:

The techniques of preparing for the exam are eliminated to the following 4 factors:

1- How to deal with the exam.

2- The study time for the exam.

3- The material to be studied.

4- The strategy of the exam.

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What to do before the PMP exam?

● Attending a training course in Project management PMP®.

It is advised to attend a training course in project management at a rate of 35 training hours for the big role the training has in explaining the PMBOK® and its application in practical situations, as well as the trainee, along with the trainees, is supposed to explain and apply, during the session, a series of questions that are often repeated in the exam.

Attending the session saves time for the trainee in understanding and reading the PMBOK® and earning practical skills to deal with the PMP® exam questions. You can attend the session in certified training centers such as Bakkah inc for Consultation and Training which offers such courses throughout the year in several cities.

● Reading 3 books or booklets:

1- PMBOK®, 5th Edition: Which is the main resource. We refer here to reading the book to understand it, not keeping it by heart. What is required is to understand and learn how to apply Processes in the project and also to understand all the tools and methods in what is used. We stress that the PMP® exam checks your understanding of the processes and tools rather than keeping the book by heart.

2- Studying the training material that had been prepared by Bakkah, which combines the most important information from other references such as (Rita, Andy, etc).

3- Studying Bakkah Q&A materials in all their details regarding the common questions and the techniques to deal with them.

● Study smarter, not harder.

1- Do not put too much pressure on yourself in the study. Don’t make yourself a prisoner of the test. What is required is understanding.

2- Do not sink among books and references for the study, but we recommend that you join discussion groups and forums for PMP® exams well as read the references that we have mentioned.

● Focus on understanding ITTO in every process.

(ITTO) is the input & output and tools used in each process, and the exam includes a large part of it, but what you should exactly understand is: Why do you need every one of the 47 inputs and what are the outcomes, and what are the different methods of operations (tools) for the extraction of outputs.

● Solving several simulation models of the exam.

There are nine different models offered by Bakkah Inc. for trainees.

What to do during the PMP exam?

● Prepare yourself to sit and solve questions for 4 hours continuously (the time of the exam).

● Completely trust that there are questions you might not answer or even understand. In this case, put the answer that you think is closer, flag this questions, and move to the easier questions. In the end, go back and think judiciously to answer the difficult ones.

● Do not leave any question without an answer. Write from your own experiences.

● The exam time is long but enough, so try to relax and relieve your thinking for a few seconds each hour.

PMP® exam questions template to Download

The article does not include tips only, but it also includes valuable materials for the trainee, which will help them organize their time and focus their thinking for the test and which can be downloaded for free from the following links:

1- Time schedule for preparation and studying for the exam. Click for download

2- An elaboration for the nature of the common questions and How-tos on answering them. Click for download

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