Top Professional Certifications In Business And How To Prepare For them

Top Professional Certifications In Business And How To Prepare For them

Written By : Bakkah

15 Jan 2024

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People usually think of exam preparation as a tiring and stressful process. Some people may take more than 6 months to prepare for the exam, but at the end, unfortunately, they do not pass it. Of course, they have done something wrong while preparing for the exam that caused their failure. There are some steps and techniques to avoid being one of them.

If you are willing to prepare for a Professional Certification in Business, I regret to tell you that the length of the preparation period is not the key for passing the exam. In this short article, we will give you some tips to prepare you for success in your exam.

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What are the Top Professional Certifications in Business?

There are several Professional Certifications in Business according to the category you belong to:

Project Management Courses:

Risk management Courses And Certifications:

PRINCE2 Courses

Project Management Tools:

Portfolio Management:


How To Prepare for Professional Certifications in Business?


1- Check Your Needs and Eligibility

This should be the first step for any certification you plan to take. Before you consider a certification, you must ensure that you meet the requirements. Most certifications, despite of their fields, have prerequisites that candidates must fulfill before deciding to take them. These eligibility requirements differ. Advanced certifications may require years of experience in the field, while entry-level may not usually have any prerequisites. It is very important for you to know at what level you are in terms of the certification you pursue, and to what level you need that particular certification.

2- Review the Official Guide and exam outline

After you confirm your eligibility and needs, now you have to review the official guide and exam outline which will make you familiar with what is covered as part of the exam such as the content, concepts, methodologies, list of tasks, skills, references and knowledge required.

3- Take a Preparation Program with a Center

Taking a preparation program with a center will facilitate the preparation process for the exam. It is important to know center accreditation, its programs and its affiliation prior to booking your slot in a session.  Keeping these criteria in mind will help you select the right center.

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4- Study the Materials and Take Notes

There are no shortcuts to studying. To pass any exam successfully, you must put in a lot of work before and after each class or session. The Keyword for studying is “Study Smart”. You have to prepare and study the training materials after each module, taking notes will help you a lot in the study and revision process. Some points may be difficult to understand, therefore you should take notes to discuss with your instructor. Make sure you write down these notes so you can easily recall them while studying.

5- Practice as Many Samples as You Can. Practice Makes Perfect!

This step is considered the most important one because it has so many benefits. Through this step, you ensure your readiness to pass the exam. You test your information and understanding as well as your ability to finish the exam on time and with total passing average. Practicing will help you find your weak spots, know types of questions in the real exam, comprehend the concepts, and finally boost your confidence and readiness. If you face difficulties in any of the aforementioned, that means you still need some more practice to pass the exam.

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6- Make Sure That You Can Answer All the Simulation Exam Questions on Time with the Total Passing Average

This will give you an insight about either you are ready and able to pass the exam or not based on the simulation result. It also will help you identify gaps and find out your weak areas and help you fill them.


7- Book the Exam Online

Exams have usually two options: Paper-based exams or Computer-based exams. Book your convenient option online via the accredited exam provider's website. If you want to choose the paper-based option, you must choose an accredited exam center near you. Now you are one step closer to getting certified.

8- Choose the Suitable Time and Date

This step is very crucial, you have to choose the time and date where you must be fully prepared and ready to take the exam. Picking the right time will protect you from rescheduling the exam and paying the imposed fees.

9- Have faith and confidence as well as good sleep the night before the exam.

It is very important to take this step into consideration, this will help you be more focused and accurate while doing the exam. Good sleep helps you call back the information easily, consequently, you feel more confident in your choices that you are a step ahead to be certified.

Congratulations! You are certified NOW


What’s next?

A new achievement has joined your achievements list, this should be celebrated!

Don’t stop here, you still have a long road in your career path that you must walk through to ensure your uniqueness.

What to do after getting certified?

1- Keep yourself updated; everything is changing rapidly so you have to keep up with these changes.

2- Upgrade yourself to the next level; look at the advanced certifications in your field and start preparing for them.

3- Spread the knowledge; help and share your experience with others.

4- Know when your credential expires; many certifications need to be renewed every 2-3 years or you should take a specific number of PDUs before the expiry date.

5- Apply to new opportunities which require professional Certifications in Business.