How and why can I get a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)®

How and why can I get a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)®

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2015-08-20 00:00:00

Projects are considered the main revenue stream for any institution; hence institutions search and attract experienced managers for these projects, nowadays most of these institutions prefer people with accredited certifications in project management to hire, especially those with PMP® certificate, even if you have great experience in project management, obtaining such a certificate makes it easier to get a new job with a high-income and gives you advantage over those who doesn’t, in this article, we will talk about the way and the importance of getting a project management certification (PMP)®.

Project management definition

Let’s begin with the definition of a project, which is (a set of interrelated tasks planned to be executed in a specific period of time with a specific budget).

Bakkah Inc for training and consulting defines a project as (employing knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in project activities to obtain the desired results and achieve the planned goals).

WHY (PMP)® certification?

  • The most famous and respected international certification in this field.
  • It was ranked the 4th among the most required certificates in 2006.
  • A (PMP)® holder earns a special expertise in managerial sciences.
  • it’s widely demanded worldwide and in the Golf region.
  • A fundamental requirement to some positions in many places.
  • Adding it to the CV strength it and gives a proof that you managed many big projects.

  And finally the most important thing an employee would like to know, does PMP® certification improves the salary?  The answer is mostly YES

  • A certificate holder’s median salary in KSA is about 20,000 RSA monthly (mid 2007).
  • A certificate holder’s median salary in USA and major countries is more than 100.000 USD yearly, which equals 31,000 RSA monthly.

  Total Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders

The latest statistics published in 2nd Feb 2015 indicates that the total project management certification holders are 639,023.

How do I obtain a PMP® certification?

PMP Certification

We should distinguish obtaining a project management certification PMP® from attending a PMP® course, attending a PMP® course doesn’t qualifies you to get a PMP® certificate, instead you should apply for the international exam held by (PMI®) institution, and passing it would allow you to obtain the certificate.

Project management professional (PMP)® training course has a great importance in qualifying the trainee and gaining him new skills and knowledge in project management which allows him to easily pass the international exam, the course is mostly 35 hours, and can be registered for and attended in any training center authorized by (PMI®) just like (Bakkah Inc) for training and consultations, which is a registered education center (REP) by project management institute (PMI)®, and it provides both traditional and online training.

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