Strategy Dashboards & Reports

Strategy Dashboards & Reports

Written By : Bakkah

10 Feb 2020

In organizations, there are different stakeholders with different interests and needs which need to be addressed and satisfied in different ways. Strategy performance needs to be communicated at the right time to the right stakeholders using the right tools. It is important to have diversified business reports and dashboards to satisfy different stakeholders needs. At Bakkah, we help organizations to select and customize reports and live dashboards to fit to suit the organization needs such as: Business Dashboards: Dashboard must reflect the current state in a real-time manner to keep stakeholders informed and support decision making.   Performance Reports: Performance and progress reports that support decision making and help taking corrective actions. Financial Analysis: Evaluating portfolios budgets, assessing funds availability, commitment, liquidity and spending. Provide visibility on financial stability and support financial predication and optimization. The key benefits of strategy dashboards and reports are:  

  • Increase visibility and transparency in the organization.
  • Improve business results and work productivity.
  • Support informed decision making.
  • Improve monitoring and controlling.
  • Improve governance and accountability.