HR Governance & Policies

HR Governance & Policies

Written By : Bakkah

2 Feb 2020

HR governance and policies document or the HR manual is a document includes the policies and the procedures in details which are considered as guidelines of any organization to maintain optimum achievement of the organization goals and objectives. It is designed to assist the organization in managing employees, meeting legal obligations, taking reliable decisions for reducing confusion and disputes. Every organization has the right to formulate their policies which are complaining with its identity and strategies, but at the same time it should take into consideration the employees’ interests. The document has to contain various policies related to employees’ affairs such as recruitment, selection and training, benefits and compensations, safety and so on. Recruitment & Talent Acquisition: the portion which is related to the recruitment process clarifies the purpose of recruitment, if the organization needs full time employee or part-time, permanent or limited contact for specific times that depends on some factors such as salary, working hours or even the position itself. Training and Development: After attracting and onboarding the appropriate person for the announced position to be filled based on particular selection criteria, the organization adopts training strategy which is matching the employee’s interest and the position itself to improve their performance. Career Path: an organization defines career path to enable employees development and growth. The career path movements can be vertical or lateral and the career path is linked with the development planning to ensure employee readiness for the position. Performance Management: covering both an ongoing performance review and feedback and formal periodical review of the employee performance. In addition to the required policies, guidelines and templates for an effective performance management. When these policies applied, that will be more satisfied for the employees and more effective job performance to increase organizational growth, efficiency, and profitability.   The key benefits of HR governance & policies are:

  • Set comprehensive vision of the organization strategies and polices.
  • Encourage employees to equipped themselves to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency.
  • Maintain good relationship between the employees and the management and enhancing the trust.
  • When the pay and benefits are fair and competitive, that motivated the employees to do the best and increase their loyalty to the organization.

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