Bakkah Values

  • Integrity: We will be guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct.
  • Ownership: We do what we say we will do. We stand behind our promises.
  • Excellence: We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and create sustainable value.
  • Collaboration: We will collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries
  • Socially Responsible: We will make a positive impact on the communities where we do business.

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Guide our customers to unleash their potentials by providing state-of-the-art consultation and education services.



To be the company of choice for providing management consultation and professional education services.


Why Bakkah Inc.

  • Global solutions and techniques with local suitability.
  • Understand local market’s needs, changes & challenges.
  • Customized solution based on customer’s needs.
  • Superior quality services based on best practices.
  • High professional standards & integrity.
  • Driven by talented and professional team.
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What our Clients have to say about bakkah

I really enjoyed my experience with Bakkah Learning in my PMP training course, it was professional and helpful. I liked the material and of course the trainer.

Nader Noaman

I was searching for a place to take a specific training course, and I found Bakkah. It was a unique and special experience, the course was perfectly prepared, and all the related information are organized on the website. The good preparation and the fast response made everything easy for me so that’s why I recommend Bakkah to others.

Mustafa Hasan Alzoubi

The course was really excellent due to the instructor's flexibility and training method, the continuous support and facilitation from Bakkah's team. The trainer was obviously familiar with the course curriculum and tried to provide the information in different ways so it becomes clear to the trainee. Some information was explained quickly, perhaps due to the lack of time. The content hierarchy was logical and easy to understand in addition to the fact that the scientific material was designed in a beautifully. The duration of the course is very appropriate, 3 hours was not tiring, especially during prayer and rest times. Quick simple questions at the end of each unit, during the session and in breakout rooms.

Rasheed Alrasheed

First of all, I would like to thank you for this course, Prince2, which was exactly as I wished. The course, in general, was excellent. I just would have preferred if we had two breaks instead of one. The trainer was very excellent. The best thing about the course is that everything was clear and smooth from the beginning, which leads to saving the trainees' time in the future in the event of online exams. In fact, I am very happy that Bakkah is now providing online sessions, and I hope that they will not be eliminated once Corona epidemic is over.

Mohmmed Hussain Alsharif

At first, I registered in a classroom training, however, you offered me to take it online at the advent of corona crisis. The course was very excellent, thank you very much. What I liked most was the speed of your response and how you bypassed the crisis, and the presentation of the course in a way that cannot be better, especially for an advanced course like Prince2. The instructor is great, very familiar with the course, his answers to all the questions showed his wide knowledge of the subject and long experience. Finally, the most important thing that distinguishes you is your keenness on customer satisfaction, obtaining opinions and developing accordingly. I really look forward to having my next courses with you.

Ashwaq Aleid

I've recently taken a PRINCE2 Online course with Bekkah. The course was really excellent, the interaction was really good too. In addition, the instructor was very knowledgeable and has a distinguished method of explaining the material. The most thing that I liked is the commitment to the training time.

Abdullah N Aljudaya

Bakkah Inc.

Bakkah is a leading Saudi management consulting and education company with a team of highly experienced and certified professionals who will help you capitalize on opportunities driven by proven business strategies.

We focus on the development of the best business skills and practices that crystalize business direction, execute strategy and create a successful organizational culture.

We pride ourselves in building capabilities delivered by industry experts to achieve the desired learning outcomes.